Users can search for other online users on the website & start chatting with them. And the Users who are chatting, get auto-added to each other contacts list.

Send Message

Along with sending text messages, users can do the following things as well

  • Attach an Image

    Attach an image

  • Send Smileys

    Send emojis & smileys

  • Send Links

    Send links

  • Quote & Reply to a message

    Quote message & reply

  • Right click (Hold in touch devices) to open more actions

  • Unsend message if the message is not seen

  • Delete the message

Manage Contact

Click on the user image icon and to show action buttons.

Manage contacts

  • Add Contact - add the user to conversation list.
  • Remove Contact - remove the user from conversation list.
  • Delete Conversations - delete all conversations of the user.
  • Block User - block the user to stop receiving messages & being searched by the blocked user.
  • Report User - Along with blocking, Report about the user to site admin.

Search Users

Users can search for all the website users. Chat with anyone. And in the case of User Groups option enabled, they can only search the users according to the groups permissions & the group they belong.

{success} AddChat follows the standard Chat apps user-interface and functionality so that everyone can use it easily without any additional demonstration.